About Dave’s Gourmet Ice Cream

What makes Dave’s Gourmet Ice Cream so special?  It begins with our base.  We use premium organic milk and organic cream.  We don’t use any gums, thickeners, stabilizers, artificial ingredients, or coloring agents when possible.  This creates the foundation of all of our ice cream flavors. Then comes the real magic!

There’s some fun science behind the secret to our creamy ice cream. We use Liquid Nitrogen to keep the fat and water molecules really small and the result is a creamier ice cream. Liquid Nitrogen is a cool 321° below zero, so we freeze our ice cream quickly. To watch us make our ice cream you’ll see that when nitrogen is exposed to air it begins to boil. Adding it to our base makes a fog appear.  That fog is the nitrogen evaporating, thus, the nitrogen isn’t an ingredient in the final product.  This process creates a smaller ice crystal, which in turn, creates a creamier ice cream!